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Localism, Open Source, Open Standards

Large scale spending projects like High Speed Rail 2 will do nothing to reverse the decline in many of our communities, if anything it may increase that decline.

We need to move to a ground up regeneration of local economies and this includes encouraging local communities to spend more with local business  and in turn encourage local business to spend more within the local business community. Local & National Government can help by diverting more projects to the small business sector and actively removing barriers to make it easier (and less risky) for them to work with government.

Keeping more money in the local economy encourages more local spending. How does this work with Open Source & Open Standards? To start with a large majority of the current users of software & computing do so to meet a specific need, they are also quite likely “locked-in” to a particular closed solution.

Local Open Source providers tend to recruit locally (certainly the case in Rugby). These providers can grow by working with existing Value added Resellers & IT support providers to provide and build solutions that can replace & co-exist with existing closed source solutions.

The majority of closed solutions licensed drain money out of the local economy, that can be reversed and turned into local investment.

For more information on the “leaky bucket” concept of economics http://www.pluggingtheleaks.org

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