Localism, Open Source, Open Standards

Large scale spending projects like High Speed Rail 2 will do nothing to reverse the decline in many of our communities, if anything it may increase that decline.

We need to move to a ground up regeneration of local economies and this includes encouraging local communities to spend more with local business  and in turn encourage local business to spend more within the local business community. Local & National Government can help by diverting more projects to the small business sector and actively removing barriers to make it easier (and less risky) for them to work with government.

Keeping more money in the local economy encourages more local spending. How does this work with Open Source & Open Standards? To start with a large majority of the current users of software & computing do so to meet a specific need, they are also quite likely “locked-in” to a particular closed solution.

Local Open Source providers tend to recruit locally (certainly the case in Rugby). These providers can grow by working with existing Value added Resellers & IT support providers to provide and build solutions that can replace & co-exist with existing closed source solutions.

The majority of closed solutions licensed drain money out of the local economy, that can be reversed and turned into local investment.

For more information on the “leaky bucket” concept of economics http://www.pluggingtheleaks.org

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Why Software Freedom?

Why Not?

Software Freedom – Open Source & Open Standards are important, now more than ever. Software is used in every part of our lives it is no longer just something that should be consumed by everyone and hidden out of site.

I still find it incredible that so many people still have problems with malware, computer security and have never heard of linux or open source. To many in the “IT” industry have kept quiet about the credible alternatives to closed solutions.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership, increased reliability & security – this is all achievable. This is done by displacing revenue currently made by closed source software.

Red Hat’s Billion Dollars And the Power of Free

In the current economic climate isn’t this the sensible choice?

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Rugby Software Freedom Day

On 12th October, Software Freedom Day (SFD) will once again be coming to Rugby. The event is a global celebration that focuses on raising awareness of free and open source software. At this time each year, thousands of teams in towns and cities across the world are busily working to provide an opportunity for computer users to experience first hand the benefits of high quality free software.

First celebrated in 2004 with just 12 teams, SFD has been held annually and has seen significant growth. With the current economic strains affecting everyone, computer users everywhere are looking for ways to save costs without compromising on functionality and creativity. Many of the world’s largest and most reliable platforms are built using free software; some typical applications used by people every day without realising that they are based on open source technology include Google,Facebook and Moodle. Functionalities range from professional bookkeeping through to graphic design packages.

Focus on Home, Business and Education

Rugby and the surrounding areas are home to a number of companies specialising in services for free and open source software. Experts will be available on the day to
offer professional advice and provide live demonstrations of a variety of web, email,
educational and office software and games, giving visitors the opportunity to experience them first hand and ask questions. Visitors will be welcome to take away a FREE CD full of sample applications to download. There will be light refreshments available, as well as free t-shirts and other goodies. If you are unable to make it to the event but want to find out more, get in touch to receive information, a sample CD by post or to arrange a meeting.

Who’s Invited?

Rugby Software Freedom Day is open to everyone, from individuals who want to know how free and Open Source software can be used at home, to large organisations,
charities and government representatives. Local media have also been invited to cover the event.

Includes breakout sessions covering programming, music creation and graphics, as well as demonstrations with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

When and Where?

Saturday, 12th October 2013, 12:00 noon – 4:00 pm at
Lawrence Sheriff School, Clifton Road, Rugby, CV21 3AG

Event organised by Rugby Linux User Group: http://www.rugby.lug.org.uk/